In addition to protecting the environment, Regain also recognizes that the community should be informed on what Regain does and the way Regain does it.


A key aspect of the way Regain does business is to properly inform the community about any activities. 

Initial engagement with local communities is done via the community relations program of each of Regain's aluminum smelter clients. 

In addition, there are media publications of major milestones and this website provides information on the Regain’s activities with more information available by contacting Regain.

Regulatory Approval    

Regain works with regulatory authorities to ensure that both the process of transforming hazardous aluminum smelter waste, and the products shipped, meet local laws and the import/export requirements of the relevant countries. This means that all stakeholders can rest easy, knowing that Regain is looking after community interests and the environment.

International Operating Standards    

Because Regain process plants are based on site at aluminum smelters, these plants are operated within the safety, environmental and operational standards of the smelters. These standards are among the best in the world, having been developed by major reputable organizations in order to safely and efficiently process large volumes of aluminum, while operating alongside the communities that support them.