Yves C. Zimmermann - VP Product Technology and Marketing – Regain

"Faster decision-making ... more flexibility ... a more productive working environment"

Yves Zimmermann spent over a decade in different positions around Quality Assurance and Product Optimization at Holcim, a large Swiss-based global building materials and aggregates company. But when it amalgamated with another business creating one huge company, he knew he needed a change. 

Now Vice President of Product Technology and Marketing at Regain, Yves says working for a smaller business was the right decision to make. 

"The setting is completely opposite to what I was doing before," Yves says. "I like working for a smaller company because the decision making is faster and the position I have now affords me more flexibility. There is also less restriction and regulations now which makes it a more productive working environment for me."

Uniquely Yves has a Doctorate in Chemistry, a rare degree in the marketing world. However it is this unique combination of industry knowledge and practical application that gives Yves a head start when dealing with prospective customers.

"The prospective clients I talk to are very knowledgeable, they are not the average layman," Yves says. "Regain thought it would be a great fit when they hired me. It is such a specialized industry it makes sense." 

In terms of marketing, Yves says the new dynamic website, which is due to be released this year, is something he is especially looking forward to working with. As is the continuation of the work he started within Holcim – to exploit the full economic and ecological potential of HiCAl products within the cement industry.

“Moving to Regain was the right choice to make.”

Yves C. Zimmermann | Vice President – Product Technology & Marketing | Regain Services Pty Limited | M +41 79 125 74 74
yves.zimmermann@regainmaterials.com | Basel, Switzerland