Influences and Drivers

The influences of risk and regulatory requirements regarding SPL, along with the needs of the cement industry, defined the drivers for the Regain SPL Solution.

Key Influences for Regain

Regain assessed the risks in dealing with Spent Potliner:

  • Explosion hazard is the most significant risk, especially in transport and end-use
  • Costs to the industry and the community to clean up SPL storage and landfill arehigh
  • Workforce and community have concerns about cyanide in residues and groundwater
Regulatory Authorities are typically:
  • Opposed to landfilling of SPL
  • Reluctant to support for international exports of hazardous waste
  • Sensitive to community reaction
Requirements of Cement Manufacturers:
  • Biggest input cost is energy
  • Significant environmental and community issues
  • Seeking genuine economic value
Key Drivers for Regain
  • Remove explosion and cyanide hazards
  • Need reduced preparation and treatment costs
  • Present products to cement manufacturers that offer value in energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reduction
  • Remove incentive for end-users to charge for processing hazardous waste

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