SPL Processing Technology

Regain’s robust proprietary technology accepts SPL with its inherent variation in size and chemical composition, eliminates the cyanide and explosive gas hazards and refines the material to manufacture high quality products.

Regain takes SPL as it is delined from the reduction cells (pots) and processes it at the smelter site through a low capital cost detoxification system that eliminates the hazards in the SPL. The process addresses the extreme variability in chemical composition of SPL by refining the material to make a quality-controlled product that is tuned to the customer’s needs. This process has been proven since 2002 with more than 250,000 tonnes of SPL transformed by Regain.

SPL Preparation involves (a) recovery of material from storage or directly from pots, (b) primary segregation of aluminum metal, carbon materials and refractory materials, (c) sorting into like material streams and (d) crushing and size classification in preparation for further processing. The cyanide and explosion hazards in the SPL are eliminated through the SPL Treatment process. Mineral products with fluxing and mineralising properties are manufactured by processing the detoxified SPL material and other ingredients.

Regain processing plant can accept both first cut and second cut SPL from large lumps to very dusty fines. The robust chemical process is able to handle wide variations in the chemical composition of SPL.

Delivering this capability at low cost depends on safety, simplicity and reliability. 

Point Henry Regain PlantRegain processing plant is designed and manufactured to aluminum smelter plant standard for safety. Complex aspects of process are automated so that minimal specialized skills for either operations or a preventive maintenance program. External laboratories provide product testing and certification.

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