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Regain are highly experienced in operating a unique process to deal with a specific problem - so there are lots of questions that already have answers.

What is the background to Regain?
Where does Regain operate?
Why are Industrial Ecology principles important to Regain?
What is Regain’s reputation?
What is Regain’s approach to Health and Safety?
How does Regain manage Environmental Impacts?
How does Regain interact with the Community?

Spent Potliner
What is Spent Potliner? Where does it come from? Why is spent potliner hazardous?
What are the challenges with Spent Potliner disposal?
What is the Regain solution to the disposal of Spent Potliner?
How does Regain transform Spent Potliner into non-waste products?

What products does Regain produce from Spent Potliner for the Cement Industry?What products does Regain produce from Spent Potliner for the Clay Brick and Tile Industry?
Are Regain's products safe generated from Spent Potliner?

What are the benefits of transforming Spent Potliner?
Why is it good to divert Spent Potliner from landfill?
What is the value generation in cement production?
What is the value of alkali in Regain’s products for the cement industry?
What is the value of fluoride in Regain’s products for the cement industry?
What other elements in Regains products are valuable for the cement industry?
How do Regain products reduce green house gas emissions?
What are the environmental benefits of Regain's SPL transformation process?
How much monetary benefit can be generated by a cement plant using Regain’s products?

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