The Portland aluminum smelter is located south of the regional center of Portland in Western Victoria. The smelter was commissioned between 1986 and 1988. The smelter is Victoria's largest exporter with its product shipped exclusively to the Asian market.

The Portland aluminum smelter is known as the 'smelter in the park' because it is sited on 500 hectares of land, of which 400 hectares has been transformed into parklands and wetlands. This transformation has set a worldwide benchmark for environmental and industrial harmony and has become a model for Alcoa operations in other countries. 

Portland aluminum smelter was where Regain first started processing by-products into valuable products in 1997. From 2006 SPL from Portland was transported to Regain’s Point Henry treatment facility near Geelong, Victoria.

With the continued success of treatment, significant tonnage of SPL has been diverted from storage and landfill. The Portland smelter has significantly reduced wastes going to landfill or other disposal, and this result is in a large part due to Regain’s treatment of SPL.