Objectives and Benefits

The Regain solution for Spent Potliner is an innovative model of industrial sustainability that has demonstrated proven benefits for the aluminum industry, end-users of the products and the environment.

Our Objectives:

  • Cost effective solution for smelter waste
  • Zero waste from smelter
  • Positive impact on the environment
  • 100% beneficial use of waste materials - no residue.
Benefits to Aluminum Industry
  • 100% of Spent Potliner is transformed
  • No residual waste materials
  • Progressive elimination of SPL accumulated in storage
  • Land filling of SPL eliminated
  • On site transformation of SPL
  • No hazardous waste transport
  • Secure, established offtake markets
  • Full material tracking and chain of custody controls
  • Improved relations with community and regulatory agencies
 Benefits to Cement Industries
  • Cost effective chemicals and minerals for increased production, better quality products and reduced energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emission
  • No hazardous waste storage & handling
  • Quality products of consistent chemical composition
  • Ongoing product support & optimization
 Benefits to Community & Environment
  • Reduced hazardous waste to landfill and risk of contaminating groundwater
  • Reduced transport of hazardous waste
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Positive overall impact on the environment

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