Regulatory Validation

Regain’s Spent Potliner Solution and the underlying process technology has been subject to rigorous technical and regulatory review.

The Regain treatment process for the elimination of hazards in aluminum smelter by-products and manufacture of safe flux and mineralizer products is recognized by patents and regulatory acceptance in a number of countries around the world.

Regain's Spent Potliner detoxification technology and its manufactured products has also received regulatory recognition, including formal advice that Regain products are not classified as hazardous waste material and are therefore not subject to hazardous waste protocols.

Patents on Process in:  Regulatory Acceptance of products in: 
New Zealand
South Africa
 United States
 United Arab Emirates
 Costa Rica

The Regain approach to on site treatment of aluminum smelter by-products for recovering materials of value to be used by the cement and clay brick industries is consistent with Article 5 (By-products) and Article 6 (End of Waste Status) of the European Union Directive 2008/98/EC on waste.

Regain's activities are deeply embedded in Industrial Ecology and Circular Economy principles, as evidenced by the following statement by the European Commission on their Circular Economy Package, adopted in July 2014:

"Turning waste into a resource is one key to a circular economy ... if one industry's waste becomes another's raw material, we can move to a more circular economy where waste is eliminated and resources are used in an efficient and sustainable way."

More information: European Commission's adoption of the Circular Economy Package

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