Regain Products

Regain products are not classified as hazardous waste, are safe to transport and create value in downstream industries.

By developing and manufacturing quality, branded products with inherent value Regain has been able to achieve:

  • Regulatory acceptance that Regain products are classified as just that – products, not waste
  • Market acceptance that Regain’s products are safe, sustainable and valuable
  • Products tailored for the customer so they are easily integrated into the process
  • No rent sought for processing hazardous waste.

Regain products must be classified by regulatory authorities as products and not as hazardous waste. Product classifications have been achieved through rigorous testing and certification processes. Regain products are approved in a wide range of countries.

Products must have inherent value and be of high quality:

  • Modern brick, cement and steel manufacture processes are very sensitive to changes in raw material or fuel chemistry
  • Consistent and predictable chemical composition of products is critical if stability of process and (e.g.) mineralization benefits are to be realised
  • Products should be backed with strong branding strategy for market acceptance.

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