Safety Policy

Regain actively controls the risks associated with our operations that may cause injury to people or that may adversely affect their health. The objective of this policy is to have no injuries or damage to the health of people who work at or visit a Regain operation. 

We do not compromise the safety and health of human beings in the false belief that putting people at risk can increase efficiency or quality or profit. This Regain philosophy on safety and health is not only ethically and morally correct; it actually makes good business sense. 

Regain has a systematic documented approach to safety summarized in the following six steps:

  1. Identify the hazards associated with our work and the way in which people could be hurt. 
  2. Develop methods for controlling the hazards so that people do not get hurt. 
  3. Remove the hazards where it is realistic to do so. 
  4. Give people who may be exposed to any hazards training so that they know about the hazards and the methods for controlling the hazards. 
  5. Have people take responsibility for their workplace and control the safety and health hazards. 
  6. Have a system of communication, reporting and investigation to constantly alert for new hazards and better ways to be safe. 

Each person working with Regain is expected to learn about the hazards associated with the work in which they are involved. They are then required to take responsibility for their area of work and control the hazards so that the workplace is healthy and free of safety incidents. 

We foster communication and understanding by making sure that the words written in this Safety Policy and in the work systems used in the workplace are easily understood by all the people working with Regain. 

Safety systems are designed to comply with the requirements of the international health and safety system standard OHSAS 18001. Regain has a systematic, documented approach to safety management that has the following key elements:

  • Policies that provide the guiding principles for management of the Regain organization
  • Standards that define the minimum set of requirements that support a coherent approach to safety across the Regain organization
  • A set of complementary Plans that attune to each Client or Customer requirements, regulatory requirements, particular objectives, how those objectives will be achieved and organizational responsibilities
  • Periodic audit to verify conformance with Policies, Standards and the Plans.

Regain’s safety management systems are reviewed periodically by Regain management to ensure their continued relevance and effectiveness in meeting regulatory, Client and Customer needs.