Strategic Approach

Regain uses Spent Potliner and other by-products to manufacture safe, high quality products that deliver energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction to other industries.

Regain considers smelter mineral waste materials as potentially valuable resources. Regain's strategy is to:

  • Identify markets that can gain the best value from the chemicals and minerals in aluminum smelter waste materials.
  • Manufacture safe, valuable products out of what was previously considered as a hazardous waste .
  • Use industrial mineral trading and marketing operations to promote and distribute the valuable products.

The success of this strategy depends on support of regulatory agencies, environmental groups and community stakeholder groups. Regain secures this support through:

  • Proper communication with stakeholders to ensure that they are aware of and understand the waste recovery and re-use initiatives.
  • Promoting wide understanding of the environmental gains (energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction) that flow from the beneficial fluxing and mineralizing effects of sodium and fluorine in energy intensive industries.

Safety, environmental, regulatory, reputational and financial risks are addressed as follows:

  1. Apply - chemical processes to eliminate the explosive gas and cyanide hazards at the smelter. With hazardous or contaminated materials detoxified on the smelter site, only products are shipped from the smelter - not hazardous waste materials.
  2. Ensure that the manufactured products derived from Spent Potliner and other smelter by-products are classified as products – not as hazardous waste and are thus not subject to onerous regulatory requirements. In this way, the Regain Spent Potliner Solution eliminates the generation of hazardous waste.
  3. Continuously improve process methods and operations to reduce costs.
  4. Engage with reputable and trustworthy service providers and end use customers. This ensures that all materials are accounted for and a high integrity chain of custody is in place.

Regain customers use products derived from smelter waste materials to improve their financial and environmental performance, through energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

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