Generic Business Case

The following scenario describes a potential business case for HiCAl at a fictional 1 million ton per year clinker plant producing 1.16 million tonnes of cement with a cement clinker factor of 86%.


  • The plant uses low sulphur coal
  • Clinker alkali and sulphur levels are low at 0.3% and 0.4% respectively
  • Clinker alite level is 60%. 

By using 20,000 tonnes per year of HiCAl products the plant could implement clinker mineralization, therefore increasing the alite level to 70% and reducing the clinker factor of cement by 5%. 

Result: increased cement output of 70,000 additional tonnes, generating around 5 million USD additional revenue. 

Simultaneously the plant could double the sulphur input to the kiln system using 5% cheaper higher sulphur coal while maintaining its perfect alkali-sulphur balance. 

Result: Together with the thermal substitution value of the HiCAl products themselves, the plant’s thermal energy bill could be reduced by 1.5 million USD. 

Finally the plant will have achieved approximately an extra 1% clinker factor reduction due to the higher content of soluble alkalis in clinker.

Result: some additional 1 million USD in sales revenue could be achieved. 

So overall more than 7 million USD business value could be generated per year by using 20,000 tonnes of HiCAl products.