Environmental Management Policy

It is Regain’s objective to operate in harmony with the surrounding environment, environmental regulations and environmental management expectations of our Clients and our Customers. 

The environment in which we live and work sustains us and it is our duty to protect it and enhance it. 

It is Regain policy to operate environmental management systems that comply with the requirements of the International Standards Organization ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard. Regain has a systematic, documented approach to environmental management that describes the Environmental Management System, management responsibility and the requirements for organizational coordination. 

Key elements of the Environmental Management System are: 

  • Policy approved by senior management that provides the guiding principles for management of the Regain organization 
  • Environmental Management Standards that define the minimum set of requirements that support a coherent approach to quality across the Regain organization 
  • A set of complementary Plans that set out Client and Customer requirements, particular objectives, how those objectives will be achieved and organizational responsibilities 
  • Regular audit to verify conformance with policy, standards and the plans. 
  • Regain environmental management systems operate within the Regain Management System.

Each person working with Regain is required to learn about the environmental aspects of the work in which they are involved. They are expected to take responsibility for their area of work and to ensure that environmental risks are managed as called for by the systems of work. 

Regain environmental management systems are reviewed periodically by Regain management to ensure their continued relevance and effectiveness in meeting regulatory, Client and Customer needs.