Industrial Ecology

Regain’s value proposition is built around the concepts of Industrial Ecology

Both Industrial and environmental needs have traditionally been opposed to each other. A concept of bringing these needs together, called “Industrial Ecology”, has been shaping the way we think about human progress.

Industrial Ecology can be defined as a concept that:

’ [Addresses] not just issues of pollution and environment, but considers as equally important, technologies, process economics, the inter-relationships of business, financing, overall government policy and the entire spectrum of issues that are involved in the management of commercial enterprises.’ [1]

Industry, just like the natural ecosystem, works on a distribution of materials, energy, and information flows. Also the industrial system (which includes housing, tourism, transport, agriculture, medical services etc.) cannot be disconnected from the Biosphere because it relies on the resources and services provided by the Earth.

Regain’s business is about helping to create a liveable future for those that come after us on the planet. Every tonne of hazardous by-products that Regain transforms is consumed by other industries as a valuable material that cuts down on emissions and energy usage.

The wastes from one industry can be the beneficial inputs to another industry, is a fundamental part of Industrial Ecology.

Regain: an Industrial Ecology solution that really works. For now, and for the future.

Read more about The Emergence of Industrial Ecology in one of the seminal papers on the concepts.

See also Regulatory Validation for a discussion on Regain’s conformance with the EU Commission Circular Economy Package.

[1] - Erkman S, Industrial Ecology: A New Perspective on the Future of the Industrial System. “President’s lecture”, Assemblée de la Société Suisse de Pneumologie, Geneva, 2001 at: