A Proven Solution for Spent Potliner

The Regain SPL Solution is an established and economic approach for environmentally sustainable management of SPL.

Mature process, proven over a fourteen-year period:
  • 300,000 tonnes of SPL and waste anode carbon transformed into products 
  • International markets for products
  • Smelter standard process and equipment
  • No transport of hazardous waste
  • No residual material or “secondary products”
  • All SPL can be accommodated with both 1st and 2nd cut SPL consumed in a chemically irreversible process
  • Offtake risk is minimised -
    • downstream value in valuable products
    • Regain product technology and marketing
    • international regulatory recognition
    • full material tracking and chain of custody control

Challenges for industry in finding a solution for SPL

The inherent hazards, highly variable nature and complex chemistry of SPL mean that developing viable and practical solutions to the SPL problem has proved to be difficult. The primary aluminium industry and its support industries have invested significant effort into the research and development of SPL solutions with limited success. Drawbacks associated with most methods include: 
  • Not all of the SPL can be processed (e.g. the carbon SPL can be handled but not the refractory SPL or vice versa)
  • There are residual waste materials without ready disposal options other than landfill
  • Safety, environmental and regulatory risk in shipping SPL
  • Unknown fate of the fluorine and residual materials when disposed of by other parties
  • SPL brings unwanted hazards for end users with potential for safety, environmental and regulatory issues that threaten the sustainability of solutions based on processing hazardous waste.

The comparative advantage and environmental sustainability of the Regain SPL Solution is shown by ranking it with other options in the Waste Management Hierarchy.