Customer References

Impressive results could already by achieved by cement customers using HiCAl.

A customer with very low natural alkali levels in raw materials could increase the alkali content in clinker by HiCAl resulting in better clinker reactivity. The improvement in cement strength development could then be used to reduce the cement clinker factor and increase cement sales volumes.

The chart on the left shows the increase of the alkali level in clinker by HiCAl, the chart on the right the respective impact on mortar compressive strength development:

Another customer burning high sulphur petcoke used HiCAl for clinker mineralization. The fluoride input reduced the burning zone temperature and the increase of alkali improved the alkali-sulphur ratio (A/S) in clinker. Consequently, the sulphur incorporation in clinker was improved and the sulphur circulation in the kiln system could be reduced.

The chart below shows the increase of Na2O and F from HiCAl with the respective impact on the A/S in clinker and the SO3 level in hotmeal: